Spring Into Your Garden

Thursday 12th March 2020

Spring Into Your Garden 
Advice &Tips For Spring Gardening

Lawn Care – How Often Should I Cut My Grass & How Do I Deal With Those Nasty Weeds? 

Grass will begin to grow more & more as we approach the early Spring/Summer season, therefore it will require a light trim (remove one-third of the height) regularly, we recommend every 2 weeks. If moss & dead grass were not removed from your garden in the Autumn, then these will need to be removed in Spring with a rake.

The growth of weeds increases during the Spring as the weather gets better. Your garden will become unattractive if it is overrun by weeds. Practicing good weed control tactics during these months will benefit the overall look & healthiness of your garden. This can be an easier process than you might think when the weeds are spotted early.

Homevalue #TipTopTip - There are many methods to control weeds including natural ways as well as chemical ways. Westland’s Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer
will feed your lawn while inhibiting weed & moss growth. Contact your local Homevalue Hardware store for advice on removing weeds in Spring. 

Is Gardening Mindfulness Good For Mindfulness Meditation?

Yes, it is said that caring for your garden and weeding can be a great form of mindfulness meditation. You can cultivate a healthy mind and feel calm & connected with the practice of gardening. 


What Are Some Good Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips?  

There are also a number eco-friendly & surprisingly effective home-made remedies for common garden problems.

Homevalue #TipTopTip - Chamomile is easy to grow, naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so it is the perfect plant for companion planting. Plant them around fruit trees to prevent fungal infections.

An economical way to keep weeds under control is by loosing annual weeds and digging up perennials. A good thick mulch, several inches ideally, will also suppress weed growth as well as retaining moisture in the soil. Using boiling water on weeds in gravelled or paved areas is also an effective way of tackling weeds.

Another home-based tip to looking after your garden is the infusion of chopped garlic, veg oil and water can be a good insecticide. 

Do I Need To Feed My Lawn In Spring?

Plants in your garden need food, your lawn is no exception. Your lawn needs to be regularly fed to look it’s best.
Homevalue #TipTopTip - We recommend applying Westland’s Aftercut Ultra Green Plus

This will green your grass in just 3 days. This is best applied when the lawn is free from weeds and moss and after it has been cut. It can be applied directly after mowing every 3-4 weeks from March until October. 


How Can I Get My Lawnmower Ready For Spring?  

We have talked about caring for your garden, however one of your main garden powertools also needs some looking after. 

Homevalue #TipTopTip - You must be aware that lawnmowers are not designed to cut overly long grass or areas which contain rocks and stones or other rough materials. You can exhaust your lawnmower with cutting on these surfaces and therefore damaging both the blade & cutting deck as well as the engine.

When storing your lawnmower, it is important to clear damp grass from the machine as it can increase the amount of rust around the deck (if it is not a steel deck). It is very important to always store your lawnmower in a secure, dry shed or garage which can be locked.  

Our number one rule with petrol engine lawnmowers is that you MUST
ensure there is the correct amount of oil in the engine as specified by the manufacturer

When you are reusing the lawnmower again, it is important to refill the tank with fresh fuel that has recently been purchased, avoid using fuel that has been kept for long periods in a container as this too will have gone stale and may also contain water due to condensation.

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